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Sales Lead Qualification  

The Flora Limited call centers offer manual, preview and predictive dialing, custom programs and precise information collection and custom reporting. Through qualified sales leads and appointments, the inbound call centers help increase the sales, sales force productivity and reduce costs. The call center deploys strategic sales lead generation campaigns to help clients increase revenue and experience measurable growth. They specialize in high-tech, high volume products and services and each marketing campaign is tailored to the specific requirements of the clients.

The experience of Flora Limited call centers works to the advantage of clients in minimizing expenses and maximizing revenue and profit impact from marketing campaigns. Offering full-service marketing/selling advantages at a reasonable cost, inbound call centers help the clients in high volume lead generation, large sales force appointment setting with complete sales effort and high level customer service. They help the organizations in selling products and services, marketing surveys, fund-raising etc. The expert team of professionals are skilled in having meaningful conversations with high-level decision makers. They know how to qualify a prospect and relay the benefits the customer will derive from a specific product or service.