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Email Management  

Flora Limited call centers provide state-of-the-art management of client's email traffic. Working towards building quality customer relationships for their clients, the inbound call centers strive for excellence in every aspect of work.

The Working
Having gained extensive knowledge about the client and his products, the call centers build exhaustive knowledge bases and response templates. Every little aspect of the clients' interest in made note off and changes taken care of. This enables the call centers to effectively respond to the query mails of the customers and provides for better customer satisfaction. The services provide a consistent means of handling the customer and prospect web requests.

The call centers are capable of designing a program that makes a visit to client's website a positive experience, whether the customers are visiting the site-
  • To request information
  • For technical support
  • Or to place an order
The E-mail response redirects the customers' e-mails to Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) who then respond precisely as directed, using formatted replies or forwarding to specific persons or departments.