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Seminar Registration  

The Flora Limited call centers offer wide varieties of services, seminar registration being one of them. The conference and seminar registration needs can be outsourced to 24/7 Flora Limited call centers so that the organization can concentrate on the more important issues of planning the event.

Core Competencies
The skilled and experienced agents process the conference and seminar registration calls live 24/7. Callers can register for their conference, seminar or trade shows by calling a toll-free number. The call centers ensure that seminars are fully attended. The call centers handle
  • The mailing
  • Bookings & confirmations
  • Research surveys
  • Competitors
  • Market analysis
  • Test marketing
The staff are trained in telephone research and deliver results within tight deadlines. With the help of sophisticated conference registration system, the professionals view all the details of your conference, including availabilities and prices. By using powerful web enabled applications, the agents and clients can use the registration application simultaneously. In addition, with the online credit card processing options, the payment information can be collected from the caller and processed in real time.