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Direct Mail Response   

The Flora Limited call centers offer solutions that integrate 24-7, personalized technical support services with advanced technologies for knowledge management and automated support.

The call centers specialize in taking local and national order entries for:
  • Print advertisements
  • National dealer locator referral coupons Samples
  • Literature and information requests
  • Literature request fulfillment

The Procedure

The direct mail response services offered by the Flora Limited call centers ensure that the mailing reaches the right contacts and delivers the right message. The thorough approach of direct mail reflects the clients’ personal style and business culture, whilst being relevant to their audience, engaging and clear. The project management team and development specialists follow a standard needs analysis checklist to ensure that client’s program requirements are met.

The direct marketing campaigns and advertisements run by customers usually produce high volumes of calls and frequently require immediate response to televised spot advertisements. Flora Limited call centers ensure each incoming call is processed efficiently and appropriately by the Flora Limited telemarketing staff. Call centers constantly monitor call flow and make real-time adjustments to complex call projection models, providing the customers with the most cost efficient staffing and scheduling solutions.