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If the customer needs help or wants to report problems with voice and data connections, the help desk is just the right choice.

The Procedure
Help Desk works with a mission to provide a single point of access to information services and support. It strives to continuously improve the services by educating the staff, measuring performance and monitoring customer satisfaction.
The 24/7 call center help desks are committed to:
  • Providing professional, competent and timely service in logging customer service requests
  • Resolving requests or referring them to the correct support areas.

Providing scalable and customized solutions, the help desk professionals make sure that the callers queries are resolved. All calls are logged into a computerized tracking system to ensure that the referred questions or service requests are dispatched to the appropriate resources and are taken care of in a timely fashion. For providing help desk support to the callers, Flora Limited call centers improve the staff's efficiency by handling first level help desk calls.

If the staff is unable to immediately provide the information required by the caller-
  • It researches the question and gets back to the caller, or
  • Transfers the call to an individual or office that can respond knowledgeably to the particular query.