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The dealer locator service refers to locating multiple retail, customer service, or repair locations.

The Working
Organizations with multiple service or business locations offer clients a toll free phone service to assist them in locating the closest store or service center. The Flora Limited call center makes it easy for customers to find the choice of organization. They prompt callers with voice messages and determine the closest store or business to the caller. Whether a location based referral, or a criteria based match, the Flora Limited call centre agents help organizations to connect with customers.

Using state-of-the-art call management system that can be completely customized to fit customers' needs, the decision tree branching, on-screen prompting, and pop-up help allow the call centers to easily service all the dealer locate requests. The system maintains a database of all the points of distribution and direct callers to the nearest stores.

The service provides information based on zip code such as:
  • The closest store locations
  • The hours of closest stores
  • Direct phone numbers
  • Driving directions
Of course, this locator service can be based on criteria other than just location if the information made available, such as product stock, etc. The callers may be tracked and reported for demographic purposes, or used to generate mailing lists and labels.

The Flora Limited call centers have the ability to maintain a national database of all the stores and locations. Polite and friendly Customer Service Representatives (CSR's) are available 24 hours to direct the callers offering locator services by zip code or customized criteria. If the customer needs a locator service based on different criteria (such as area code or city), it can be customized as per the specifications.

By combining the dealer locate services with order entry and information request and fulfillment services, a complete customized front end can be created to handle all the customers' calls. The client service and sales representatives constantly work to determine the most effective script to handle the calls.