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Providing friendly, courteous customer service is a key factor for any business. Inbound call centers specialize in providing friendly, helpful and courteous telephone service to generate profits.

Core Competencies
The call centers provide help desk support services with immense ease owing to the use of powerful call scripting system. The customer concerns are managed and queries handled through multiple channels including voice, e-mail and chat on a 24/7 basis.

The numerous calls that customers make can be:
  • To check on their order status
  • To check for information on products and services
  • To verify their account status
Excellent customer service serves as a significant factor for the success of any organization. Combining the scripted call management system with its back-end delivery and enterprise-level reporting systems, the inbound call centers can handle complex requests easily and effectively. The skilled team of professionals who work on latest technology are thoroughly trained to be always helpful and responsive to the customers' needs. These Customer Service Representatives( CSR's) are confident & communicative, carefully selected and trained to provide assistance with all customer service needs. The 24/7 Flora Limited call centers provide full capacity customer service and generate higher customer satisfaction with improved loyalty. These call centers tailor their programs to meet the precise specifications of all kinds of customers. Aided by sophisticated software, the CSR's guide the customers through each inquiry with utmost concern. Even in cases where further investigation is needed, they ensure that no problem is left unattended.